Purification catalyst removes contaminants from liquid and gas processes using catalytic, regenerative, or sacrificial means. The catalyst is typically a mixed metal oxide formulated to remove specific contaminants. The catalyst can be in tabular or extrudate, or sphere shape.


Puristar R9-12/E-315- removes Os, CO, H2, etcPuristar Catalyst R3-12-removes arsine, phosphine, COS, H2S, etc
Puristar Catalyst R3-15-removes O2, CO, H2, etcPuristar Catalyst R3-16-removes O2, CO, H2, sulfur, etc
ProSorb-removes aresine, phosphine, sulfurs, O2, CO, CO2, H2PuriStar R3-17-removes CO
Puristar R3-81 -removes O2, NOx, etcPuristar R8-21 – removes O2, NOx, etc
Puristar R3-11/R3-11G -Removes O2, CO, H2HTZ-51 – removes sulfur compounds
HTZ-31 – removes sulfur compoundsSC-501 – removes H2S and other sulfurous compounds
ST-201 – removes sulfur compounds