Edwards XDS 35i Dry Vacuum Pump 20.6 CFM with an IEC60320 Connector, 100-120 V / 200-230 V, Single Phase, A73001983

  • Interchangeable Cartridge: provides for clean easy maintenance
  • Vacuum Level: Typically 1.3×10-3 mbar (1×10-3 mmhg)
  • ISO NW Flange Standard: Easy release clamp flanges for use in foreline vacuum applications
  • Durable Corrosive Resistant nickel chrome finish which prevents outgassing
  • Fully-Drawn Housing with positive engagement ring technology


This BOC Edwards XDS35i Oil-Free Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump has a patented bearing shield designed to isolate the vacuum environment from all forms of lubricant. This feature ensures that the bearing remains totally dry, as well as protecting it from any process gases. The adjustable gas ballast allows vapor to be handled and opens up the range of applications to many that were previously unsuited to scroll pumps. This BOC Edwards XDS35i Oil-Free Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump is designed for pumping condensable vapors, and uses materials selected for a wide range of laboratory applications. Pumping displacement for this pump is 25 CFM. With the purchase price a manufacture warranty is included. Parts and accessories for this pump are available on this website.