High Quality Glove Box Glove Ports, Standard 11.8” (300mm) for 10” Gloves- One Pair

  • Brand: Etelux
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Availability: In Stock


The standard glove ports made of hard aluminum alloy, stainless steel and plastics to accommodate a variety of glove and sleeve combinations.   There are two slots on the port to retain gloves. On the other end, there is a threaded ring to lock the port with contact surface during installation.

Key Features

  • Two-component assembly allows for easy removal and replacement with interchangeable parts
  • Standard 11.8” (300 mm) ports fit all 10” gloves
  • Two retaining rings create a tight seal between the glove port and the smooth surfaces of the glove box
  • Material: Hard aluminum alloy or Polyaldehyde. Other materials upon request

Typical Applications

Create oxygen-free and moisture-free environment for organometallic chemistry, organic synthesis, hydrophilic chemical handling, medical devices, electronic component handling, lithium battery handling,  solar cell assembly, hemoglobin and metabolic research, catalyst handling, medicine synthesis, nuclear industry, membrane of organic EL preparation, etc.