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Leybold AXIAL Air Cooling Fan Unit for TURBOVAC i Series Turbo Pumps. PN: 800136V0008

$511.21 $639.01

This Leybold AXIAL air cooling fan unit is designed to mount to the bottom of TURBOVAC 90i and 250i turbo pumps and provides forced-air flow colinear to the pump’s shaft. The air cooling facility is powered via the pump and will always run when the pump is on. This unit attaches to the bottom of the pump with three included mounting screws. High gas throughputs, cyclic operation or high ambient temperatures will necessitate forced air or water cooling.

The TURBO.POWER Integra power supply must be used remotely when the axial air cooling fan unit is installed, and a longer pump-to-power supply cable must be used (1m long, part number P109190, or 3m long, part number P108858).

This AXIAL air cooling fan unit fits:
This axial air cooling unit has Leybold part number: 800136V0008.