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Leybold Power Failure Venting Valve for any TURBOVAC i Series Turbo Pump, 24 VDC, NO, G 1/8 in. Connector. PN: 800120V0022

$751.00 $938.75

This Leybold venting valve can be installed in any TURBOVAC i series turbo pump in the VENT port. This is a normally open (NO) valve and operates at 24 VDC. It is plumbed into the G 1/8″ (BSPP) accessory port, and powered by the 24 VDC (X201) accessory port. When a power failure occurs, this valve closes and vents the pump and the forevacuum line and thus keeps oil vapor from diffusing back from the forevacuum line. A choke nozzle in the vent port ensures that the pump is not vented too fast. The maximum permissible pressure in the pump must not exceed 1.4 bar (abs.). Use the TURBO.CONTROL i display unit (part number P109168) to set the correct parameters for this valve. See the Serial Interface download for instructions. This normally open Leybold power failure venting valve has part number 800120V0022.

This Leybold venting valve fits all TURBOVAC i-series turbo pumps: