NEW Oerlikon Leybold TurboVac TMP 50 Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump KF40, 33 L/S Pumping Speed, 85400

●Compact Design
●Operation in any orientation
●Cooling by convection is sufficient for most applications
●Air and water cooling can be added
●Oil-free pump for generating clean high and ultrahigh vacuum conditions


$5,392.00 $6,740.00

The New Oerlikon Leybold TurboVac 50 turbo molecular high vacuum pumps have a pumping speed of 33 liters per second (l/s). The inlet flange is KF 40 with a ISO KF-16 exhaust foreline flange. The Leybold Turbo Vac 50 turbomolecular pump can be used for all general-purpose high vacuum applications. This is a Brand New Turbo Vac 50 and comes with a Manufacture Warranty. The electronic frequency converter (controller) and the connector cables required for operation are not included as standard equipment with this pump. (THIS IS THE PUMP ONLY) All accessories for this pump are optional and available on this website. An Operating Instruction and Turbovac Catalog PDF can be downloaded, by scrolling down to (AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS).

Inlet flange DN 40 KF
Pump housing Aluminum
Pumping speed at 10 -3 mbar
N2 l x s-1 33
He l x s-1 36
H2 l x s-1 28
Max. gas throughput 1) at 10 -2 mbar
N2 mbar x l x s-1 0.30
He mbar x l x s-1 0.25
H2 mbar x l x s-1 0.20
Max. compression when idle
N2 2·10 6
Ultimate pressure with TRIVAC D 2,5 E mbar (Torr) <5·10 -8 (< 3.75 x 10 -8)
Max. foreline pressure for N2 mbar (Torr) 1·10 -1 (< 0.75 x 10 -1)
Recommended forevacuum pump TRIVAC D2,5E
Run-up time to 95% of nominal speed min 2
Cooling water connection (hose nozzles) mm(in.) 10
(for Part No. 854 08)
Weight, approx. kg 2
Max. power consumption W 45
Ultimate pressure W 15