Oerlikon Leybold TurboVac SL80 Inlet Screen ISO-KF40. PN: E20017169


Oerlikon Leybold TurboVac SL80 Inlet Screen ISO-KF40. The inlet screen (splitter guard) is used to protect the turbo from small objects that may fall or be sucked into the rotor. This new generation of SL TURBOVAC turbomolecular pumps have improved mechanical rotor suspension and compound stage excels through a new compact design, improved vacuum performance and a standardized accessories program. The SL series pumps are among the quietest turbo pumps on the market today, the SL 80 pumps have less than 46 dB(A). The Oerlikon Leybold SL-80 with KF40 inlet flange has a 40 l/s pumping speed for nitrogen, can have an ultimate pressure as low as 1.5×10-10 Torr when backed with oil sealed rotary vane pump, and has a KF-16 roughing flange.

The Oerlikon Leybold TURBOVAC SL turbomolecular pumps are highly flexible regarding the controller-mounting position, which can be placed onboard, as a bench-top unit or in a rack. In addition, the pumps can be mounted in virtually any position and at any angle. The turbomolecular pumps from the TURBOVAC SL product family are designed to handle the most advanced and demanding applications and requirements in research and industry and many more applications.