PIERCAN USA CSM Long Gloves, 7 in. Port

CSM (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene) long gloves offer chemical, ozone and UV resistance. Used in isolators, RABS and glove boxes within the pharmaceutical, medical and nuclear industries.


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PIERCAN USA CSM Long Gloves, 7 in. Port - 7Y15329.75A - 9.75 - Ambidextrous - 1Pair 7Y15329.75A9.75Ambidextrous1Pair $227.35 $227.35
  • High resistance to UV rays/ozone/natural aging
  • Particularly adapted when hydrogen peroxide and per acetic acids are used
  • Resistant to reducing acids, diluted acids, alkalis, and salts
  • High Temperature Limit: 260°F

Both ambidextrous and R/L handed gloves are available

  • R/L handed gloves are 17-100-100, -102, -104, -106, 108, -110, -126, -128, 136, 138.
  • The remainder are ambidextrous (also, see letter A following the manufacturer’s part nos.for ambidextrous gloves)
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Color White
Port Size (Metric) 17.5 cm
Length (Metric) 81.2 cm
Thickness (English) 15 mil
Port Size (English) 7 in.
Length (English) 32 in.
Material Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM)
Thickness (Metric) 0.38 mm