This product is the enormously popular AC pulse tab welder, controlled by single chip microcomputer. Its capability is more stable and reliable. It is designed for producing high standard NiCr, Ni-Mh, Li batteries, used for welding negative case and tab of cylinder batteries (single pin welding).


1. Welding current is stable; welding spot is even and has a good appearance with no black spot.
2. Low pressure and watering phenomenon after Li-batter welding can be overcame; it is an ideal equipment for producing and assembling batteries.
3. Controlled by single chip microcomputer, single-pulse, double-pulse and multi-pulse welding can be accomplished.
4. All parameters are digitalized so parameter regulation is intuitive and accurate.
5. Welding pin pressure can be regulated privately and conveniently so that the welding pressure is stable and reliable.
6. Positioning welding is accurate, and applicable for cap cells welding, the yield is high.
7. Nice appearance, and light weight.
8. The welding switch is the only photoelectric switch used in China, which eliminates the need to replace the switch for similar machines.


Max output power 10KVA
Welding current 00~99
Power AC220V/110V±10%
Input air pressure 0.3~0.7MPa
Application Applicable for many welding pieces of 0.03mm~0.25mm
Weight 45KG
Dimension L500×W300×H470mm