Quality Lab Li-ion Battery Vacuum Sealing Machine for Polymer Battery Vacuum Pre-sealing Sealer


Vacuum Pre-sealing Sealer is mainly suitable for vacuuming and hot-pressing pre-encapsulation of pouch lithium batteries after liquid injection and standing. This equipment accurate controls the main vacuum pumping box and pneumatic heat sealing components to automatically complete the vacuum heat sealing of laminated- aluminum battery case.


Sealing head length 200mm
Sealing width 5mm
Sealing head temp RT-300℃, adjustable
Temp accuracy ±2℃
Heat sealing time 0~99s adjustable
Vacuum degree Up to -95Kpa adjustable
The parallel gap when the upper and lower heads are joined Less than or equal to 0.02mm
Power supply AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/60Hz
Air source 5-7kg/cm2 adjustable
Dimensions Work Department: 470mm * 485mm * 435mm
Control Box: 420mm * 325mm * 225mm
Equipment weight About 55Kg