It is mainly suitable for the stacking process of battery cores. The anode/cathode and separator are laminated in Z shape.


1. Desktop, can be placed on normal table surface.
2. It is easy to maintain, operate and commission the machine.
3. The whole machine is suitable for a large range of cell sizes.
4. Work efficiency is high, with digital timer.
5. Use foot switch to control cylinder work.


Maximum diaphragm material roll  φ200mm
Applicable pole piece specifications  length (20~200) mm, width (20~200) mm
Swing stroke  300mm
Power supply  AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/60Hz
Air pressure source  0.5MPa
Equipment size  L650mm*W400mm*H700mm
Control box size  L200mm*W300mm*H380mm
Weight  30Kg