Glove box aparts:Displays/Monitor

Siemens Germany is a well known electronic equipment manufacturing company that also has a range of products in the field of displays. Siemens displays are known for their high quality, reliability and advanced technology.

Siemens’ line of displays covers a wide range of fields and applications, including industrial automation, medical devices, information technology, and more. Here are a few common Siemens display series from Germany:

SIMATIC HMI Series: These are HMI monitors for industrial automation for monitoring and controlling industrial processes.SIMATIC HMI series has customizable touchscreen interfaces and powerful features for a variety of industrial applications.

Siemens Healthineers displays: These are displays designed for medical devices for visualization during medical imaging, diagnostics and surgery. Siemens Healthineers displays feature high resolution, accurate color reproduction and professional-grade image processing.

PRO series monitors: a family of monitors for information technology and business applications, available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. the PRO series monitors are recognized for their outstanding image quality, responsiveness, and reliability.

For use on gloveboxes, monitors, often called glovebox monitors or glovebox touchscreens, are specially designed for use in laboratory environments.
And it is this monitor that ETELUX uses to equip glove boxes!

ETELUX glovebox monitors (E-mail:[email protected])have the following features:

High Definition: Glovebox monitors are equipped with high-resolution touchscreens that clearly display experimental data, images and text.

Protection: Glove box monitors are waterproof, dustproof, and greaseproof to withstand threats in the laboratory environment.

Anti-interference: The glove box monitor supports EMC standards and is able to withstand interference and electromagnetic radiation.

Touch screen control: The glove box monitor is controlled by a touch screen, which enables easy and quick experimental operations.

Stability: Siemens glove box monitors are made of high quality materials and advanced technology to ensure stability and long life.