Glovebox accesories:High-precision pressure sensor

The high-precision pressure sensor on the glove box is a sensor device used to measure the pressure inside the glove box. It can accurately monitor and record pressure changes inside the glove box and transmit this data to an IoT platform or other data processing system for analysis and processing.

The applications of high-precision pressure sensors in glove boxes are as follows:

Temperature and humidity control: the high-precision pressure sensor in the glove box can be used together with other sensors to achieve precise control of temperature and humidity. By monitoring the pressure change, the ventilation, heating or dehumidification device in the box can be adjusted to realize the precise control of the environment inside the box.

Object protection: Some special objects (such as artwork, cultural relics, experimental samples, etc.) are very sensitive to environmental pressure. High-precision pressure sensors can monitor the pressure changes in the glove box in real time, once the pressure exceeds the set range, the system will issue an alarm in time to remind the user to take appropriate measures to protect the items from damage.

Data Recording and Analysis: The high-precision pressure sensor can record the pressure data of each time period inside the glove box, forming a pressure change curve. These data can be correlated and analyzed with other environmental parameters (such as temperature, humidity) to help users understand the pattern of change of the internal environment of the glove box and optimize the storage management strategy.

Fault Detection and Maintenance: The high-precision pressure sensor can help the user to discover the faults or abnormalities inside the glove box in time. For example, when the pressure sensor detects a continuous pressure drop over a period of time, it may mean that there is an airtightness problem or air leakage, and the user can carry out timely repair and maintenance of the glove box.

Range: ±12.5mbar
Power supply: DC24V
Signal: 4-20mA
Accuracy: ±0.5fs%