Glove box aparts:e vacuum butterfly valve

The Vacuum Butterfly Valve of the glove box is a key component of the glove box system, used to control gas exchange with the external environment and to realize vacuum operation. It is usually located at the interface between the glove box and the vacuum system.

The vacuum butterfly valve has the following main features and functions:

Controlling gas flow: The vacuum butterfly valve controls the flow of gas between the inside of the glove box and the outside environment by opening or closing. When the valve is open, the gas can flow into or out of the glove box; when the valve is closed, it can realize the isolation between the glove box and the external environment.Any need,please contact me by e-mail:[email protected].

Vacuum sealing: The vacuum butterfly valve has good sealing performance, which ensures that the glove box can effectively maintain a low-pressure state during vacuum operation. This helps to prevent outside gases from entering the glove box and prevents leakage of gases from the glove box to the outside environment.

Easy to Operate: Vacuum butterfly valves are typically designed for easy operation and control. The operator can open or close the valve by manual or automatic control to meet operational needs.

Corrosion Resistant: Because of the various chemicals and gases that may be involved in a glove box, vacuum butterfly valves are usually manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials to ensure their long-term reliability and stability in different environments.please contact me by e-email:[email protected].

The use of vacuum butterfly valves allows for gas isolation and vacuum operation between the glove box and the external environment, enabling control of environmental conditions and preventing contamination or interference when conducting specific experiments or operations inside the glove box. When using vacuum butterfly valves, operators should understand their proper operation and regularly check and maintain the performance and sealing properties of the valves to ensure the proper operation and safety of the glove box system.