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Wholesale KF-40 Vacuum Bellows Hose, 32 Inch, Flexible Coupling, ISO-KF Flange Size NW-40, Stainless Steel

KF-40 Flexible Bellows Hose
ISO-KF Flange Size: NW-40
Common Dimensions: A =32″ (800mm)
Thickness: 0.15mm
Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
Application: Vacuum Equipment

1.High gloss: the appearance of the pipe is beautiful, both inside and outside are mirror polished, the weld is smooth, and the quality is guaranteed
2.Welding process: advanced welding machine, automatic welding, no oxidation, ultra-high vacuum
3.High temperature resistance, negative pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance
4.Helium leak detection: Each vacuum bellows has passed helium leak detection, and strictly controls the quality

①Leak detection for each bellows helium
②Professional high vacuum bellows
③Standard 304 material or 316L material (test report can be issued)
④Good quality and low price, high price, quality, speed and quantity
⑤Provide all models of bellows KF16-ISO200; 304 to 316L, fast non-standard customization. Welding process, stainless steel material.

These KF-40 Bellows hose vacuum fittings follow ISO-KF standards and have a flange size of NW-40. They are commonly used to build foreline vacuum plumbing and process systems. They are often called quick flange fittings because they are quick to assemble. A circumferential clamp and centering ring form the vacuum seal between the connecting flanges . The centering ring contains a rubber elastomer o-ring. The standard sizes for quick flange fittings are KF-10, KF-16, KF-25, KF-40, and KF-50 with flange sizes NW-10, NW-16, NW-25, NW-40, and NW-50, respectively. They are made of corrosive resistant stainless steel.

Vacuum bellows is used to pump negative pressure and can only pass gas. They are compressible flexible bellows hose.

Our company’s hydraulically-formed bellows are relatively soft, with quality assurance, the introduction of advanced welding technology, smooth welding seams, various flanges can be welded according to requirements. Non-standard bellows can be customized according to drawings. All bellows can be customized in length and can be processed up to 4000mm. All manufactured products have passed the full inspection of the helium mass spectrometer leak tester and passed the test.

Customized any size, customized 316L material, all orders will be delivered within 1 business day, quality assurance.