NEW Agilent Varian MS-301 High Capacity Rotary Vane Pump, 170 CFM, Inlet 2 in. NPT, 208/460 VAC

-MS-Series pumps are robust, easy to install, and are ideal for use in many different applications.
-Anti-suckback isolation inlet valve eliminates oil backstreaming and holds vacuum in case of power loss.
-Steel rotor.
-Cast iron stator and cover.
-Special design carbon fiber vanes.
-Viton seals.
-Gas ballast valve, for pumping high water vapor content.


The NEW Agilent Varian MS-301 High Capacity Rotary Vane Pumps are single stage rotary vane vacuum pumps lubricated, with oil recirculation, driven by a flanged electrical motor, coupled by means of an elastic coupling. They are suitable for pumping non-corrosive gases. Cooling is achieved by means of an air/oil cooler, cooled with a centrifugal fan. At the pump inlet there is a mesh filter in order to protect it from solid parts having diameter larger than 1.5 mm. Furthermore, an integrated non return valve prevents the oil coming back and the return of air in the chamber to be pumped down during the stop phase. In the tank there is a system of oil smokes separation from the discharged air (maximum residual 2PPM/weight corresponding to 2.4 mg/m3). The separated oil is recovered automatically by the pump. A standard gas ballast valve prevents condensation inside the pump even when pumping down small quantity of vapors. These Agilent MS-301 vacuum pumps are easy to maintain, service and repair.

These Agilent Varian MS301, MS 301 vacuum pumps are used in a variety of industries such as packaging in the food preparation industry, degassing, thermal forming of plastics, vacuum drying, impregnation, vacuum stirring, and mixing. Pumping Speed 170 CFM. Maintenance service, repair, oils and accessories for these Agilent Varian MS301, MS 301 vacuum pumps are available on this website. This is a New Pump with factory warranty. We also service, repair and rebuild this vacuum pump and perform maintenance repair on other Varian Agilent models as well. PUMP SUPPLIED WITHOUT LUBRICATING OIL, Available on this Website. The complete operating instructions manual in .PDF format is available for download below.

Free air displacement 60 Hz: 350 m3/hr, 210 cfm
50 Hz: 290 m3/hr, 170 cfm
Pumping speed 60 Hz: 290 m3/hr, 170 cfm
50 Hz: 250 m3/hr, 150 cfm
Ultimate partial pressure (gas ballast closed) ≤ 8 x 10-2 Torr 2mbar (≤ 6 X 10-2 Torr)
Ultimate partial pressure (gas ballast open) ≤ 0.7 mbar (≤ 0.5 Torr)
Power 60 Hz: 7.5 kW (10.0 HP)
50Hz: 5.5 kW (7.4 HP)
Power supply voltage 60 Hz: 208-230/460 V
50 Hz: 230/400 V
50 Hz: 400/690 V
50/60 Hz: 380-420/660-725 V
Revolutions number 60 Hz: 1750 RPM
50 Hz: 1450 RPM
Water vapor tolerance 60 Hz/50 Hz: 30/40 mbar (23/30 Torr)
Water vapor capacity 60 Hz/50 Hz: 5/7 kg/h (5.5/7.7 qt/hr)
Noise level 60 Hz/50 Hz: 72/76 dB(A)
Inlet port Flange DN 63 ISO-K12″ gas/ 2”NPT
Exhaust port 2”gas/2″ NPT
Oil type MS-01, charge 7 liter (7.4 qt)
Working ambient temperature range +12 +40 °C (+54 +105 F)
Storage temperature -20 +70 °C(-4 +158 F)
Dimensions 60 Hz: 1015 x 550 X 460 mm (40.0×21.6x 18.1 in.)
50 Hz: 986 X 550 X 460 mm (38.8×21.6x 18.1 in.)
Total weight (with motor) 190 kg (420)