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Quality Semi-Automatic Cylindrical Battery Winding Machine


The semi-automatic cylindrical winding machine is an equipment that can be applied to the winding process of cylindrical lithium-ion battery pole pieces. Compared with the , this equipment has high manual winding machine winding efficiency, good winding neatness, and a wide range of applicable battery sizes. It is more suitable for various cylindrical battery winding needs in lithium battery laboratories. Soft pack lithium battery square winding machine.


*Suitable for semi-automatic dedicated production of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries

* Automatic diaphragm release, automatic winding, automatic tape termination and automatic unloading;

*Diaphragm is supplied with constant tension, and the cell tension is consistent;

*The pole piece guide plate can easily adjust the width, adapt to a large range of pole pieces;

*Using man-machine interface to control the machine, the operation is simple and intuitive;

*Automatically alarm and display the fault location when abnormality occurs, which is convenient for processing;

* The operation is easy and simple to learn, and productivity can be formed as soon as possible.

Technical parameter:

*Needle diameter: Ф3mm, Ф4mm, Ф5mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

*The length of the positive and negative plates: 90mm~650 mm

*The width of the positive and negative plates: 28mm~58mm

* Diaphragm width: 30mm~60mm

*Tape width: 8mm~16mm

*Winding accuracy: ≤±0.3mm (alignment error between diaphragm and positive and negative plates)

*Speed: 5~7 Pcs/min

*Air source: 05~0.7 Mpa

*Power source: AC220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ power: 1.0KW

*Equipment size: 1600mmx1300mmx1500mm

*Weight: about 600KG